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disease dogs

Health problems in German shepherds

As their name suggests, German shepherd dogs are a breed that originated in Germany. They were created by crossing various

behaviors Cats

Why are cats annoying pets?

Cats are one of the most popular pets across the world. Even though these cute furry creatures are a good

behaviors tortoise

Why are tortoise the best pet for you?

Have you ever seen a tortoise? Have you ever wondered how these mythical creatures behave in the wild? Or, have

expensive fish

Why is petting a fish costly?

Planning to get yourself a fish? Be sure to research them properly. They may not be an ideal choice for

dogs How to discipline dogs

Dogs Behavior: Reasons Why Your Dog May Not Be Obeying You

Learn more about dog behavior and ways to discipline your dog in this article. Yes, owning a dog can be

Pregnant Dogs

A Complete Guide on Pregnancy in Dogs

Are you a Dog owner? And yes, a female Dog? Then you have catch the right link. He we are

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