Common Behavior of Dogs

Common Behavior of Dogs

Most of the pets lover adore a puppy and surely want to adopt them. Therefore, we are here to discuss some of the Common Behavior of Dogs and their meaning.

Nothing beats a long walk with your four-legged friend on a fresh, spring morning. Or seeing the joy on their faces when you pick up a ball and they know it’s playtime in the local park! Having a dog as a pet with you is having a lover, friend, brother, and finally a family for yourself. Life is better with dogs.

Dogs not only make your physical fitness strong, but also it helps to make you mentally healthy. Having a dog with you is like having a key to your healthy life. So it is very important to know your dog’s behaviors and the signs they show to you. You will be happier to see your dog happy.

Common Behavior of Dogs

Some of the Common Behavior of Dogs along with its meanings are:

  • Tilting their heads: Dogs generally do have a strong sense of smell. Not only the smell, but also they had a greater sense of hearing than humans do. They tilt their head whenever they hear the noise rounding around like stereo speakers. They get confused if we take them to Cinema Halls since they get sound round and round around their head. It can also show this behavior when waiting for more information, especially from a trainer.
  • Sitting on Your Feet or Between Your Legs: Not only humans get anxiety in their life. Even pets like dogs had to face it. It has been proven that whenever dogs feel nervous, afraid of something, have anxiety attacks etc, they go around and find a perfect safe place for them which they believe to be sitting around the owner’s feet. So, Love your dogs even more when they sit around your feet.
  • Bowing: A dog bows by lowering his chest and head to the ground while keeping the rear body up. This shows the sign of a dog recognizing people. It might be family members or friends or anyone but the dog has recognized him/her and it wants to play with him/her. They keep on moving and bowing to people until he/she plays with it. So, you must understand if it is bowing for you then it is requesting you to play with it.
  • Howling: Not a normal bark but a very long bark sound Hooooooooooooooooowwwwwlllllll………………… This type of sound seems to be very unattractive and fearful to people. They often howl whenever they feel that they are alone and they are asking their master to be near with him. If you are not able to believe this, you can have a trial by putting your dog at your roof alone for a couple of hours. You will get your answer.

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  • Sleeps with all legs facing upwards: Dogs generally sleep normally. But if you notice sometime, dogs sleep with all their 4 feets facing upward. This means they are feeling safe and they know that their master is not far from his place. Although they are meant to give protection to us, they also feel safe when they are around us.
  • Raising and giving paws: If your dog is raising its paws and giving it to you then it wants to play you. Also, raising the paws is the method of their showing love. Also, in their language if a puppy wants milk, it raises its paw and gives it to its mother and mother understands it and gives them milk.
Common Behavior of Dogs
  • Chasing vehicles: You can observe dogs urinating in the vehicles is a common thing for them. They urinate in the vehicles. So, a vehicle with a strange or new smell made the dog think about other dogs’ presence. So, they keep on chasing the vehicles. So, a recommendation for the readers to wash your vehicle weekly or at a routine to avoid the chase of dogs.
  • Licking their own genitals: Licking their own genitals is one of the very common things we can see in their behavior. It keeps doing this either if it is feeling bored or it is having a urinary tract infection which is very itchy. So, If they continue this behavior then, let them see the doctor.
  • Moving tail: If your dog is moving their tail rapidly seeing you then you are very lucky. It means the dog loves you very much. It has recognized you and won’t bite at any cost. Also, if they want to get love or to play with them, they move their tail accordingly.
  •  Exposing the belly: If your dog is exposing it’s belly to you means that it is being playful. So, if you ever find your dog doing so, rub their belly gently and keep playing with it. It will make your relationship stronger with them and they will be happy.
  • Walking in a circle before lying: If your dog is set free and it is walking in a circle not forward then it means it has found the place to sit but is still finding the perfect spot for resting.
  •  Keep on stopping: When you set your dog free and they visit outside, and it stops for a while looking backward towards you then it means it is waiting for you to come to them. It doesn’t want to go alone for a ride. So, if you find these behaviors then you can go with them. They will feel happier.
  •  Tucking tails between legs: Your canine friend is afraid, nervous, worried, or under stress, if he holds his tail between the legs. If he holds the tail tightly against the belly, you should know that he’s extremely scared or submissive.

According to my own findings, dogs show this behavior when meeting other dominant animals.

  •  Waiting for approval: If your dog is watching you continuously before doing any activity like eating, going out etc. that means it is giving respect to you and waiting for your approval of doing so.
Common Behavior of Dogs
  •  Blinking eyes: If a dog is blinking their eyes at you then it wants to confess that it wants to spend a quality time with you and play with you. So, if you find this behavior in your dog then play with them for sometime.
  •  Loose tongue: If they have a loose tongue outside their mouth, it is showing that they have no complaints and they are happy with their life and want to continue it.
  •  Sleeping like a fox: When a dog’s paws are underneath her and her tail is wrapped around her face, she is probably cold. This position allows her to keep as much heat in as possible. So, if you find these behaviors then make them warm as far as possible.
  • Kicking Their Feet After Pooping: After pooping they kick their feet hardly in backward direction. This sign shows that it is feeling awkward and wants to hide their poop so that no one can see it. So, for hiding poop, they kick soil back after pooping.
  •  Whining: If your dog is whining at you then you must realize that it is feeling guilty for the mistake it had made. It’s better to forgive and give him love so that they won’t do it again.
  •  Jumping around you: If your dog keeps on jumping around you then it is trying to tell you that it wants to play with you for a time. It wants to communicate with you and wants to tell you something.
Common Behavior of Dogs

So, these are some of the behaviors that dogs show with their owners and others. So, some points have recommendations for the owners what to do and what not to do during their different behaviors.

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