Positive Impacts of Keeping Pets at Home

Positive Impacts of Keeping Pets at Home.

Pets are the most beautiful and innocent creatures who provide us companionship, emotional support, laughter and light to our loneliness. They aren’t human beings but display a lot of human qualities like strong personality, emotion, preference, loyalty and innocence.

They are very innocent that they don’t care whether you are poor or rich, your gender,  race, social status but always give you unconditional love, laughter, company, happiness and most importantly enormous comfort in the times of your sorrow and grief. So we can say that they are the best friend who laugh with us on our good times and cry with us on our bad times.

Positive Impacts of Keeping Pets at Home
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No matter if the pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, tortoise or any bird, every pet shares their beneficial factor in a person’s life. Their companionship, loyalty and love can change the life of the owner.

The positive impact of keeping the pets are at Home

Some of the Positive Impacts of Keeping Pets at Home are described below. Please go through all the points.

  • Positive progress in human health 

Pets play a decent role for the positive progress in human health.The owner gets the chance to play with pets that increase physical exercise. In one study, it was said that,”Dog owners walk 22 minutes more than people who don’t own a dog.” So, regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, fats and cholesterol level and triglycerides level in the human body. Medical research has shown that pets provide longevity to those who have had heart attacks.

As nothing compares to the joy coming from loyal pets, they can help in reduction of loneliness, feeling of isolation and increase social support that leads to boosting of our mind and promoting sound health. They can offer physical rehabilitation to overcome illness, surgery or even traumas. Pets like dogs can be trained to help detect seizures in neurologically ill owners.

Studies have shown how pets might influence child development. Exposure to pets during childhood helps children gain a strong immune system and reduce allergies into adulthood.

Pets interaction with children who have Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will have positive change on the child and lead to recovery. Pets also help to improve our cardiovascular health. Studies and research have shown that some canines are capable of detecting cancer. As we have heard from some dog owners, their dog saves their life after they notice a change in behavior of the dog like sniffing or even licking a tumor hidden underneath the skin.

Pets owners over age 65 make 30 % fewer visits to their doctor than those without a dog. Hence, pets really have a good role in promoting the sound health of owners.

  • Teach children about their responsibility 
Positive Impacts of Keeping Pets at Home

Keeping pets at home comes with the greater responsibility. It needs commitment and consistency. Pets give unconditional love that boost children’s self-esteem. Pets are known for loyalty from which children learn to be loyal at a small age. Pets should be fed, sanitised, groomed and played which make children more responsible to these work and in real life too.

By interacting with pets, children can learn how to be gentle with animals who are small and delicate. Additionally, the bonds they create help children to be empathetic and good children.

When children play with pets, they develop social interaction and build self confidence. Helpfulness is another quality that children learn from pets as pets always help their owners in their own best way. Hence, owning pets makes children realise their responsibility and enhance their qualities like helpfulness, confidence, social activeness and loyalty.

  • Home safety

Home safety has been one of the main reasons that people are attracted to keeping pets. Dogs are especially taken as a strong safeguard of the house. Dogs are highly sensitive to smell. So, they can easily get the unusual smell in the house and predict the presence of any outcast people. They bark loudly when they get an unfamiliar smell alerting the owner. It doesn’t necessarily need big dogs like German Shepherds but small dogs can also make loud noises and run after burglars and thieves.

Geese are another bird-pet which have incredible hearing power and eyesight. They can guard our home as they can run aggressively towards the danger and give a nasty nip which will be enough to frighten the life out of burglars. Other many pets like cats also have strong hearing power.

Not only from burglars or thieves but they can also smell the gas leak or any sort of danger in our home and give pre-alertment to the owner.

  • Lower stress level and improve immune system 

As we know modern life is very stressful. High level of anxiety, work load, personal and professional problems can lead to uncountable health problems. Fortunately, owning pets helps to overcome these problems. Playing with pets can really bring joy to people. For example: Watching the cat roaming around, moving its tail or watching fish swim around in a tank can make our worries melt away. When we play or interact with them, they never make us feel isolated or lonely. 

Interacting with animals has shown to decrease the level of Cortisol (a stress-related hormone). Pets can recognize their owners are depressed so, they try to provide comfort and help the person to improve their immune system by reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

  • A healthy comapnionship

In this busy world, the probability of becoming isolated is being the biggest challenge for people. But, in this busy world, pet animals have become a healthy company for people. Playing with a dog or cats during days, interacting with birds and going out with them gives you a break from the desk, chances to move around and also the mental space to come up with new thoughts and ideas.

They love our care and concern so they can easily be part of our laughter. They are highly sensitive about their owner so they give us their hand on our sorrow also. Especially to the people who live alone and have lonely lives, having pets definitely kills boredom and makes life healthy and active.

As much as people are fond of keeping pets and playing with them, people should realize a big responsibility comes with owning a pet. We should consider many things and be well concerned also.

Positive Impacts of Keeping Pets at Home

The things to be considered to keep the pets are as follow:

  • Time commitment

Time is the most important factor to be considered while keeping pets at home as pets require time. A lot of people, especially busy professionals find the time commitment the most difficult. As pets require time for feeding, sanitising, walking and playing, we should make sure that our pets are getting full concern so that they won’t be bored, stressed and unhealthy.

  • Economical/Financial investment

As we know, not only human beings but pets also need special care. So, we should make sure we are investing financially for them. As sometimes accidents or injuries may take place, so we should be able to take care of bills.

Some of the sectors that owner should financially invest on are given below:

  1. Pet insurance
  2. Accident and injury urgent care bills
  3. Cosy and well ventilated house
  4. Nutritious diets with healthy snacks
  5. Accomodation
  • Vaccination and Heath 

Vaccination is the most important factor to consider when keeping pets.

Why is vaccination required for pets??

  1. Vaccination prevents many pet illnesses.
  2. It can help avoid costly treatments for disease that can be prevented.
  3. It prevents disease that can be passed between animals and also from animal to people.
  4. Vaccinating animals helps stimulate immune response and keep pets active.
  • Sanitation

Sanitation should be maintained for pets. So, it can prevent the spread of infectious viruses and bacteria . For this pet’s respective house like kennel, cage , stable, shed should be cleaned from time to time. Then only pets can live healthy life.

  • Friendly environment and interaction

As we have the perception of ‘Give and take’ , if pets can provide us a beautiful environment then we should also provide them a friendly environment too . We should interact with them, talk to them and play from time to time. We should not keep them in a single place but take them out for a walk outdoors. So that they can feel homely with us. They should be treated very well and more attention and love should be given.

Positive Impacts of Keeping Pets at Home

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